Beautiful For Kids Room, Persian Satrapy with 1 million knots sqm 1st grade design 2559 Black

Save 71%

Designed by Alpha Rug Australia. Made in Persia where the best quality rugs coming from exclusively for Alpha Rug Australia.
Our products direct from factory.

Because of this rug produced with high density, which stops dust penetrating inside the rug. So this makes easy to clean.

Reeds per meter 1000

Pick per meter      3000

Knots per sqm      1000000

Colour    Black


It is like a story book , every inch of this rug tells you a lovely ancient story. Calms down kids and get people relaxes just looking at it. Quality made very high density which does not let dust penetrate inside. Easy to clean. You are buying direct from importer's Sydney warehouse. We give first hand assurances.

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