Persian Shahrazad the princess, high quality, beautiful designs 10010

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Designed by Alpha Rug Australia. Made in Persia where the best quality rugs coming from exclusively for Alpha Rug Australia.Our products direct from factory. Because of this rug produced with high density, which stops dust penetrating inside the rug. So this makes easy to clean.

1000 reeds

1 million knots sqm

2 million points sqm

Cream colour


         100 cm (is the width) to custom size (select size of the length  from menu as Quantity as you  needed)

   For example width is 1metre and you wanted 3.4 metres long.

            So select Quantity as 340 as centimetres

           1mX 3m, 1.5mX 2.25m, 2mX 3m, 2.5mX 3.5m, 3mX 4m 

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